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                                                                                  “Podiatry that adds value to

                                                                                                    people’s lives.”

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            The biggest challenge to mobility

                  as we age: Pain and Inactivity

          Most of us want to live long, happy   the risk of further falls when you   GP and optometrist, healthy eating,   Pain in the feet, knees, ankles
          lives, so here’s some sound advice.   finally get back on your feet. This   avoiding stress and sun damage.     or legs, is a key reason people
          If you want to live longer -  look after  vicious cycle may perpetuate loss of   But how many of us have been   stop exercising. But, when activity
          your feet so you can stay active.    confidence, independence, earlier     taught the value of being proactive   stops, health deteriorates and life
                                               admission to a nursing home and      with our feet?  Interestingly, health   expectancy drops.
          By the time you are 80, your feet    a significant reduction in quality of   issues and diseases such as
          will have carried you over 160,000   health and lifestyle activites.      diabetes, gout, obesity, high blood   This is where your podiatrist can
          kilometres and suffered the wear                                          pressure, osteoporosis, depression,   step in and get the job done safely.
          and tear of that work.  If you were   After the age of 75, minor          anxiety, high cholesterol, arthritis   Having healthy feet that are well
          once sporty, then the distance       bone abnormalities can develop       are linked to sedentary lifestyles.   supported, with pain addressed
          will be greater. If you suffered     into serious deformities and foot                                         or managed, will keep you more
          foot issues, injuries or wore        problems which increase the          What is the one treatment that       active, more independent and more
          inappropriate footwear, then the     likelihood of falls and may result in   is ‘free’ and common to the       socially and emotionally ineractive.
          damage to your ankles, knees, hips   serious injuries. The skin becomes   management of all these issues?      Regular podiatry visits will help you
          and back will probably be causing    increasingly fragile. Your feet are                                       maintain safe nail and skin care and
          you pain niggles, lumps and bumps.   more prone to injury from unstable   Exercise! Exercise has many          address emerging issues before
          Yet, your feet still have to carry you   walking patterns and you may bear   positive health benefits, from     they become serious.
          for the rest of your life - especially   the brunt of ill-fitting shoes worn in   reduced glucose levels, weight,
          if you intend to remain healthy and   the past. These issues place extra   blood pressure and cholesterol      My Family Podiatrist has spent many
          active.                              pressure on easily broken skin. With  to enhanced mood, blood flow,        years specializing in treatments that
                                               ageing, it becomes more difficult to   stronger bones and muscles and      help people maintain active, pain-
          In the over 60’s age group                                                                                     managed lower limbs.
          pain and mobility issues become      recover from sustained injuries and   better management of arthritis.
          common disappointments for           skin infections, because the immune  Your body was designed to move.      Come and see us.
                                               system finds it harder to respond.
          people, at a time in their lives when   So small cuts, callus and corns can   What is the one thing that stops   Keep your feet healthy and
          they are freed up to finally do the                                                                             stay active. It’s a prescription
          things they would like to do. So, take   rapidly become infected ulcerations.  people from exercising or living   for a longer, happier life.
          a moment to visualize your life with   Nail care becomes another major    an active life? Pain!
          feet in constant pain, affecting your   concern, because of difficulty
          mobility and your capability to do the   bending down to cut toenails.     Ten tips for staying mobile as you age
          tasks of daily living. It’s easy to see   Additionally, toe nails may harden   1.  Stay connected to activities in   to keep cracked skin feel more
          why our feet become a big concern    and thicken, requiring more               your local community.               comfortable, followed by a good
          as we age.  But there’s more.        strength to cut, at a time in life    2.  Attend to foot infections or        moisturizer for skin softness.
                                               when strength is diminishing. Poor
          In the 70’s age groups previous                                                ingrown nails quickly.          7.  Have an annual foot check with
          injuries and complications start     eyesight makes it harder to see       3.  If eyesight or strength are         your podiatrist.
          to take a toll on mobility and foot   what to cut without causing injury.      diminishing have someone cut    8.  Have your feet measured each
          health. Problems with bones and      Ingrown toenails can easily become        your nails correctly.               time you buy shoes. Wear clean
          joints (e.g. arthritis) are common.   infected, due to poor cutting and                                            and dry socks every day. Ask
          Swollen joints, bony spurs and lumpy   lowered immunity. So, it is essential   4.  Walk in supportive footwear.    you podiatrist for information on
          bunions may become incredibly        to have nails trimmed properly.           Your podiatrist can advise on       caring for elderly feet.
          painful, impede walking and increase   Proper foot care is fundamental         footwear for your foot type.    9.  Safe nail trimming that avoids
          your likelihood of falls. You are more   to the overall good health, pain   5.  Walk every day:  If you have       injury and cuts.
          prone to falls when you have balance   management and mobility of              balance issues, use a walking
          issues or an altered gait due to     people as they age.                       frame/stick.                    10.  A podiatry referral from your
          pain. Falls can generate injuries                                                                                  GP for a Medicare Plan if you
          that lead to time off your feet. This   You learned early in life about    6.  Apply foot and leg skin care:       have a chronic disease e.g.
          results in weakened muscles and      regular check ups at the dentist,         Take advantage of a foot bath       diabetes, Parkinson’s

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