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                                                                                             LIVE LIFE TO THE MAX WITH
                                                                                            SENIORS LOAN SPECIALISTS
                                                                                      t is with real pleasure that I com- lutions  available.  Let  us  listen  to
                                                                                      mit  myself  to  serve  the  Senior your  needs  and  explore  the  op-
                                                                                    ICitizens of Australia, with finan- tions with you at your pace. We ex-
                                                                                    cial solutions which are specific to plain everything you need to know,
                                                                                    meeting their needs. Anyone over so you  are able to make wise and
                                                                                    50 needs a special loan solution.     confident decisions regarding your
                                                                                    It is important to me, to see you financial needs and your future.
                                                                                    who are in your latter years, have Don’t assume that you need to sell
                                                                                    the best opportunities available, to your home! Don’t assume that you
                                                                                    live the life of your dreams. I love need  to  downsize  and  spend  all
                                                                                    to see the glow on faces, as finan- that money on moving, real estate
                                                                                    cial burden is lifted. I love to see agent’s fees, and stamp duty when
                                                                                    the smiles as realizations emerge. you buy again. Even more impor-
                                                                                    Yes, those ideas and dreams for a tant,  why  go  through  the  enor-
                                                                                    fulfilling retirement that you have mous  emotional  upheaval  of
                                                                                    imagined for so long, can in fact leaving the home you have created
                                                                                    become a reality. I feel compelled and  the  community  you  know,  if
                                                                                    to  make  available  the  best  solu- you  don’t  need  to?  Why  throw
                                                                                    tions,  and  to  warn  against  other away  your  keep-sakes  and  treas-
                                                                                    less desirable offerings which can ures? Why say good-bye to long-
                                                                                    result in negative outcomes.          standing friends as you move to a
                                                                                    Each one of you has worked hard less  expensive,  and  unfamiliar
                                                                                    for  many  years  to  create  the  re- area? We will be delighted to per-
                                                                                    sources  you  have. You  have  pro- sonally  help  you  to  a  great  out-
                                                                                    vided for the needs of your family come with all the information you
                                                                                    over a lifetime and paid off your need. Do you want a Reverse Mort-
                                                                                    “Castle”, as some refer to it. If you gage to travel the world, pay out
                                                                                    have been fortunate you have even debts  or  provide  for  other  wants
                                                                                  ssmsyd9261  put some savings aside. Maybe the and needs? Do you, perhaps, need
                                                                                    savings are not going the distance. an Aged Care Loan to pay for Aged
                                                                                    If you are on the pension, you will Care  Accommodation?  Whatever
                                                                                    know that the pension is not going your situation, feel free to call me
                                                                                    to send you to the moon. Whatever and have a confidential chat, on the
                                                                                    your circumstances, whatever your phone or over a cup of tea. It helps
                                                                                    need, I, or one of my specialist col- to talk these things over to get clar-
                                                                                    leagues, will provide you with the ity and see what your opportunities
                                                                                    best financial information and so- are. Our service is very personal.


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