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                                  Leave a lasting Legacy by including

                                            Legacy Australia in your Will

                 o carry out our vital        corporated for the benefit of all     should be written in words and        leave a bequest to Legacy,

                 work Legacy Australia is Legacy Clubs around Aus-                  in numbers) of my estate to           these can be found on our
        Treliant on contributions             tralia.*                              Legacy Australia Incorporated         website

         from the community and be-           Please refer to the following         ABN 59 203 621 448 for its gen- If

         quests make up a significant         recommended wording when              eral purposes (or specific pur-       you have any questions please
         part of these contributions.         leaving a general bequest to          poses) of such fund and the           contact us on (02) 8333 0600 or

         After carefully considering your Legacy Australia.                         receipt of any one of the Direc-      via email at
         family and friends in your Will,     “I give the                           tors for the time being of such

         making a bequest to Legacy           whole/residue/sum/percentage          fund shall be sufficient dis-         *Or you may leave a bequest to the local Legacy
         Australia ensures that you will      (delete whichever is inapplica-       charge to my trustees.”               Club in your area.

         be well remembered and leave         ble, and the actual amount            For further details on how to

         a lasting Legacy which will con-
         tinue to make a difference well

         into the future.
         Including a charity like Legacy

         in your Will is one of the most
         powerful ways to make a differ-

         ence. There are a variety of
         ways to include Legacy in your

         Will, none of which will impact
         on your lifestyle, but will be a

         lasting Legacy. You can leave a

         bequest to Legacy Australia In-

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