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         Support the Royal Institute for

                    Deaf and Blind Children…

               he  Royal  Institute  for  Deaf  fundraising     and     community

               and Blind Children (RIDBC), is  support  to  continue  to  provide

        Tthe second longest standing  these life changing, vital services.

         charity in Australia. For 159 years

                                               Roger’s timeless support

         they have been providing quality,

         innovative  services  and  support     will continue to soar…

         to current and future generations  Roger  Gee  has  been  supporting

                                              RIDBC  since  the  late  sixties.
         with hearing or vision loss. Today,
         RIDBC  is  the  leading  service     Although  an  active  member

         provider  in  the  sector  supporting     of  RIDBC’s  Qantas  Pathnders

         thousands  of  Australians  via  20   Auxiliary for more than 30 years,

                                              the instigator of the RIDBC Charity
         sites  nationally,  and  high  quality   Flight  and  pilot  of  the  Qantas

         video  conferencing  to  regional

         areas.                               Jumbo Joy Flight for many years,
                                              Roger has decided to extend that

           RIDBC’s mission is to enhance the   support by leaving a gift in his Will.
         lives  of  children  and  adults  with

                                                After retiring in 2006 as a Senior
         hearing  or  vision  loss  through   Check  Captain  at  Qantas  and  (Left to right) Lila’s mum Natalie, Lila and RIDBC Speech Pathologist,

         providing    equal   opportunities   ending  an  illustrious  41  year  Caren, use fun activities to help Lila learn language – like bathing her

         and  access  to  communication,

                                              career,  Roger  joined  the  RIDBC  toy animals and making the water sounds ‘splish, splash, splosh’!

         education,  literacy,  therapy  and     board in 2008. With 10 years on the   who need our help the most – that  loss. If you would like to get more

         health  services  that  will  enable   board  and  continued  support  for     is why I decided to leave a lasting  information  on  the  activities  of
         them to live a life unlimited, where    Qantas Pathnders events, Roger  legacy to RIDBC,” said Roger.           RIDBC, and specically about how

         nothing  holds  them  back  from  has seen the impact RIDBC has on          Through his bequest, Roger and  you can support future generations

         reaching their potential.            the lives of those it supports.       others  like  him  will  help  secure  through leaving a gift in your will,

           As  a  charitable  organisation,     “I  have  had  a  fortunate  life  and  the future of thousands of children  please  visit

          RIDBC  relies  signicantly  on  wanted to touch the lives of those  and adults with vision or hearing  bequests or call 1800 043 411.

                                                                         Your generous support

                                                                         for generations to come
                                                                         Help us help children like Lila
                                                                         Lila had her first heart operation only    said her name, whereas before she
                                                                        19 hours after birth. And it was not       would often turn the wrong way.

                                                                         long before her vision and hearing        “Lila has always enjoyed music, so her
                                                                         loss were both detected.

                                                                                                                   RIDBC Speech Pathologist decided

                                                                        “By the age of seven months, Lila had      to put together a music therapy



                                                                         already had 186 medical appointments,”    group. Lila absolutely loves it.

                                                                         says her mother, Natalie.

                                                                                                                  “Lila’s success is purely due to

                                                                        “Lila recently received her second         the RIDBC approach – she very

                                                                         cochlear implant through RIDBC.           nearly jumps out of my arms with



                                                                         Within a week of being ‘switched on’      excitement when she sees us

                                                                         she was turning towards me when I         approach RIDBC centre.”


                                                                                           We invite you to make a difference to their

                                                                                         tomorrows by including a gift in your will to RIDBC
                                                                                         For further information,

                                                                                         please contact us on:

                                                                                         1800 043 411


                                                                                         RIDBC is a charity and Australia’s largest non-government provider of therapy,
                                                                                         education and cochlear implant services for people with hearing or vision loss,
                                                                                         supporting thousands of adults, children and their families, each year.  ssmsyd9326
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