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       Helping celebrate a lifetime journey

             t Integrity Funerals we                                                                                    biggest impact.
             believe in helping you                                                                                      We offer the opportunity to
       Aunderstand more about                                                                                           prepay your funeral, locking in
       funerals and the choices that you                                                                                the current pricing, no matter how
       can make, so that you can make                                                                                   long it will be before you need the
       the right choice for you and your                                                                                services.  All prepaid funerals are
       family.                                                                                                          secured with a registered financial
        Integrity  Funerals    has   been                                                                               fund manager, so your money is
       involved in a significant way                                                                                    securely managed to be used when
       serving the Gold Coast and                                                                                       you need it for your funeral.
       Brisbane for over 20 years and                                                                                    Funerals    should    always    be
       are a dedicated team of funeral                                                                                  something that feels right for you
       professionals. If faced with the                                                                                 and your family. As such, no two
       loss of someone important to you,                                                                                funerals will ever be the same.
       we  are  committed  to  helping  you                                                                              We want to help you look
       commemorate them as you wish.                                                                                    back at the funeral day with an
        The first step in celebrating a                                                                                 overwhelming feeling you have
       lifetime journey is talking with                                                                                 done all you could to make it a
       someone  you  can  trust. We  have                                                                               cherished and important day in
       a genuine need and desire to treat                                                                               your family’s life.
       you  as  people  first  by  providing                                                                             Visit our website at www.
       service that is both meaningful and                                                                     for more
       relevant.                             loss of someone unexpectedly  ask is “have I done the right thing”         information, or call us on 1800 995
        Whether you are faced with the       or  not, the choices  you make to  when there is no one left behind to     352 to discuss your needs.
                                             celebrate their part in your life are  ask. Recording your wishes means
                                             part of our final tribute to their  that those left behind know without
                                             impact and ongoing presence in  any doubt that they have done all
                                             your life.                           that you would have wanted them
                                              Many people choose to make the  to do.
                                             struggle to decide for their loved    When pre-planning, you can be as
                                             ones easier by pre-planning their  detailed as you wish in recording
                                             funeral.  This is often a difficult  your wishes. What songs do you
                                             decision as it involves facing the  want played? What sort of flowers
                                             reality that we all die in a very direct  would you like? Do you have a
                                             manner. If you do this, the ease of  favourite  photo  that  you  want  to
                                             mind it can give to your loved ones  have used? Sometimes it’s the
                                             is very real. The hardest question to  smallest things that have the

          Helping Celebrate a Lifetime Journey with Integrity Funerals.

                 Everyone has a story that deserves to be told. In your time of need,

                 together we can make a difference.
                 Or simply plan ahead by prearranging a funeral with a guaranteed
                 fixed-price funeral plan. We offer free no-obligation pre-planning
                 of funerals and no-obligation prepaid funeral quotations.                   1800 995 352            1800 446 834

                 Call for our free funeral information guide to help you record your
                 instructions and wishes. Call today.
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