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            Master Stone Masons Association Victoria Inc

                                                                                    ing  a  Memorial  that  you  use  a   vide customers with peace of mind
                                                                                    member of the Master Stone Ma-        that their Memorial purchase will
                                                                                    sons Association.                     be trouble free and of the highest
                                                                                    We  suggest  you  ask  one  simple    quality.

                                                                                    question of your prospective Me-      Master Stone Masons Association
                                                                                    morial Supplier – “Are you a mem-     Victoria  Inc(Regd  No  A0020180F
                                                                                    ber  of  the  Master  Stone  Masons   ABN 67 259 725 319)
                                                                                    Association?” If they answer ‘No’,    PO  Box  611  Greensborough  VIC
                                                                                    ask  why  not!  Remember,  our        3088
                                                                                    Members adhere to a professional      Telephone: 0409 429 023   Email:
                                                                                    ‘Code of Conduct’ designed to pro-

                he  Master  Stone  Masons     time    of   the   new  Victorian
                Association  Victoria  was    Cemetaries  Act  fighting  for  the
        Tfounded in the early 1930’s          right of consumers to have choice

        and was Incorporated later under      in  choosing  their  Memorial  sup-
        the Incorporation Act 1981 (Victo-    plier
        ria)                                  Purchasing a Memorial

        Our Association is the only Memo-     Purchasing a Memorial for a loved
        rial Organisation in Victoria and is  one is an emotional decision that
        well  respected  by  the  Victorian   requires serious thought and con-
        Government  and  other  profes-       sideration at a time when you are
        sional bodies in the death industry.  under emotional stress.

        We are a member of the Govern-        Our  members  will  guide  you
        ments  Funeral  Inductry  Commit-     through this process with integrity,
        tee.                                  compassion and professionalism.

        We  played  a  leading  role  at  the  Please make sure when purchas-

                  Electra Park Medical Centre                                                                             154 High Street Road
                                                                                                                                  Ashwood 3147

                  Electra Park Medical Centre is a fully accredited Family                                              Ph: (03) 9807 1102
                  Practice offering a wide range of services, including the most                                        Ph: (03) 9807 1311
                  up to date medical equipment and sterilizing techniques.

                  We aim to provide a comprehensive range of services that
                  are not found in smaller practices.

                  We can offer both male and female doctors at most times.

                  For your convenience, we are open 7 days a week.

                                                                                             Dr Peter J Webster,           Dr Walter Tereszkiewicz,
                                                                                             MB BS (Hons) FRACGP Dip (Obst)   MB BS (Monash)
                                                                                             RCOG Grad Dip Fam Med

                                                                                             Dr Jing Pan,                  Dr Victoria Hayes,
                                                                                             MB BS FRACGP Diploma in Child   MB BS
                                                                                             Health (University of Sydney)
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