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            Environmentally friendly

                              approach to burial

              Our service offers the individual the chance to be buried in a rural

               setting using a simple approach that considers the environment

               and minimises  nancial burdens for the deceased or the family.

               pright Burials provide a  sensible solution this provides to  that on to the client.”                      pay online. The collection staff are
               simple, natural, and eco-      problems such as urban land pres-      “There are further savings in  on-call at all times.
        Unomical burial, in which a  sure and preserving the natural  using a rural cemetery, where land                   In providing an alternative to con-
        deceased person is collected, pre-    environment,” he says.                values are lower. The four hectare  ventional funeral and cremation
        pared and then transported to the      Burying the body in an upright  cemetery is part of a setting located  services, Upright Burials is distinc-
        Kurweeton Road Cemetery in the  position is one of the keys to deliv-       within sight of Mt. Elephant. For  tive in a number of ways:
        Corangamite Shire  of  Victoria’s  ering an economical alternative  any person  who likes  the notion  •  Secure: Each individual site is
        Western Districts.                    to conventional horizontal burial.  of a peaceful, pastoral setting as       secure forever, with no additional
          The burial involves wrapping the  “From the outset, we questioned  their  nal resting place, this ceme-          fees payable.
        deceased in a biodegradable body  the need to bury people hori-             tery is a superb location,””says Mr.  •  Environmentally friendly and eco-
        bag (rather than using a cof n) and  zontally,” says Mr. Dupleix.  “Our  Dupleix.                                  logically sustainable non-energy
        then burying the body in a vertical                                                                                intensive, the process leaves the
        position. The cemetery is purpose-                                                                                 lightest carbon footprint possi-
        fully kept in a natural state, without                                                                             ble. Energy used in the collection,
        the use of headstones. “Numerous                                                                                   storage, and delivery of the body
        people have expressed interest                                                                                     to the cemetery is partially offset
        in using Upright Burials over the                                                                                  via the planting of a tree at Mt.
        years, and we’ve been working                                                                                      Elephant for each person buried.
        diligently to make it a reality. The                                                                              •   The Upright Burials facility uses
        interest simply re ects that this                                                                                   green power.
        natural approach to burial has cap-                                                                                The single one-time fee of $3250
        tured people’s  imagination, and                                                                                  includes GST and applies to any-
        that for many this type of burial                                                                                 one in the Melbourne metropolitan
        represents  a strong   t with their                                                                               area or Western Victoria.
        values,” says Upright Burials’                                                                                     Mr. Dupleix says that the Upright
        Managing Director, Tony Dupleix.                                                                                  Burials’ ownership  and manage-
          Mr.   Dupleix    observes     that                                                                              ment comes from the original
        as  opposed to a  decade ago,                                                                                     investment group of 20 individu-
        public attitudes have changed due                                                                                 als who have strong connections
        to social, urban, and environmen-                                                                                 with the agricultural industry of
        tal pressures to the point where                                                                                  Victoria’s western districts have
        the offer of an alternative form of                                                                               been able to see the vision of their
        burial is now being met with open                                                                                 original investment become a real-
        minds and interest.                                                                                               ity. “This is a terri c group, a very
          “This is a very forward thinking                                                                                pragmatic group.  They had the
        concept that’s entering the mar-                                                                                  vision from the start to see that
        ket at the right time. The Upright  concept involves a far simpler           For the bene t of relatives and  this was a bold concept worth pur-
        Burials business  is very  much a  and safer approach to burial that  future visitors, the exact location  suing and were willing to back it,”
        quality process, and getting that  removes the OH&S issues and  of each grave is is recorded on the  he says. “We’re people of the land
        right is critical.  We’re fortunate  labour involved in digging tradi-      memorial wall commemorating  who became  passionate about
        that the very negative opinions  tional graves, and it meets all EPA  the people buried there.                    providing a sensible, simple alter-
        we received when we  rst started  and statutory government require-          Clients can go to www.upright-       native to burial that embodies our
        developing this business have  ments. There’s a saving associated             to   follow   the   values of simplicity, nature, and
        given way to the recognition of the  with this approach and we pass         straight-forward steps to order and  economy.”

                                                      Upright Burials

                                   Simple. Natural. Economical.

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