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                                                           Upright Burials

                               Simple. Natural. Economical.

           Simple                                                                                                        Economical

           From first contact to the burial                                                                              Upright Burials deliver a highly
           itself, Upright Burials have                                                                                  professional, quality controlled
           developed the simplest possible                                                                               burial that minimises the financial
           process that minimises decision-                                            Tony Dupleix                      burden normally associated with
           making during a stressful time                                                                                traditional burials.
           and allows family members more                                              (B. Ag. Sci (Hons)),              Traditional
           time supporting each other and                                              Managing Director
           celebrating the life of their loved                                                                           Funeral
           Natural                                                                                                       Services
                                                                                                                         If you wish to arrange a tradititonal
           Upright Burials as a business,                                                                                funeral service, we can work with
           and in providing burials, aims to                                                                             your nominated Funeral Director
           leave the lightest possible carbon
                                                                                                                         to carry out the burial using the
           footprint on the earth.
                                                gradable materials derived from      unnecessary items such as fake      Upright Burial’s method at the
           This is achieved by using biode-     plants, and minimising the use of    grass and grave decorations.        Kurweeton Road Cemetery.

                                                Kurweeton Road Cemetery

                                                Located in the Corangamite           The cemetery is a peaceful,
                                                Shire southwest of Mt.               pastoral setting that is
                                                Elephant, an extinct                 purposefully left in a natural
                                                volcano that is a prominent          state to minimise the impact
                                                geographic feature of the            of burial activity on the
                                                western Victorian plains.            environment.

                 Telephone: 1300 466 860



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