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           Leave a lasting Legacy by including

                          Legacy Australia in your will

                 o carry out our vital work
                 Legacy Australia is reliant

        Ton contributions from the
         community and bequests make up

         a significant part of these contribu-

         tions.  After  carefully  considering
         your  family  and  friends  in  your

         Will, making a bequest to Legacy
         Australia ensures that you will be

         well remembered and leave a last-
         ing Legacy which will continue to

         make a difference well into the fu-

         Including a charity like Legacy in Legacy Clubs around Australia.*         numbers) of my estate to Legacy a bequest to Legacy, these can be

         your Will is one of the most power- Please refer to the following rec- Australia Incorporated ABN 59 203 found              on      our      website
         ful  ways  to  make  a  difference. ommended wording when leaving 621 448 for its general purposes (or                   If

         There are a variety of ways to in- a general bequest to Legacy Aus- specific purposes) of such fund and you  have  any  questions  please
         clude Legacy in your Will, none of tralia.                                 the receipt of any one of the Direc- contact us on (02) 8333 0600 or via

         which will impact on your lifestyle, “I give the whole/residue/sum/per- tors for the time being of such fund email at

         but will be a lasting Legacy. You can centage (delete whichever is inap- shall be sufficient discharge to my     *Or you may leave a bequest to the local Legacy Club in
         leave a bequest to Legacy Australia plicable,  and  the  actual  amount trustees.”                               your area.

         Incorporated for the benefit of all should be written in words and in For further details on how to leave

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