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                Waltanna Living is a collaboration between

                Waltanna Farms, an organic producer at the
                                             ampians National Park
                foothills of the Gr
                foothills of the Grampians National P                       ark,                ,

                and L    yndoch Living an aged car                 e pr  ovider in
                W  arrnambool, south-             west Victoria           .                           

                                                                                                          hy centers on ensuring every meal
                Malnutrition is a global issue and is of gr  eat concern for                               The teams philosophy centers on ensuring every meal

                older fr ail people, an issue consistently pr esent in aged                               pr ovides many beneffits to your gener al wellbeing.  Ther            e

                                                                                                          ts fr
                car    e.                                                           is a r ange of pr oducts from dips, gluten-  fr ee Y  Y - o  o’ s, hemp
                                                                                                          o the wonderful L

                                                                                    choc chip biscuits to the wonderful Le Gr     aine pr oduct

                R esear ch shows that pr  otein is one of  the most important                                which can featur e th oughout your day                          .                   

                elements in anyone’   s diet - mor e so -    as we get

                older .  This is why W altanna F arms and  yndoch Living                                 W altanna Living is committed to producing a br oad r ange
                                                         d L

                                                                                                          ommitted to pr


                                                                                                           y foods that can be intr
                came together to cr   eate W altanna Liviing.                       of sweet and savoury foods that can be introduced into
                                                                                    your everyday diet                         .                       

                W altanna Living ’ s vision guides the deevelopment of

                                                                                                                  altanna Living pr

                                                         he pr
                new and innovative pr    oducts within th   epar    ed foods                               Enhance your diet w with a W  oduct                          .

                market  . P r oducing healthy foods that  look and taste like                               Contact Gr eg or P ete    er to find out mor e!

                r eal food, is the main focus in satisfying the nutritional

                needs of an aging population.
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