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         Common Covid-19 questions answered

       WHAT IS COVID-19?                    cause often have different names.  there is a dedicated Coronavirus         released from the nose and mouth
       Coronaviruses are a large family     For example, HIV is the virus that  hotline  that  you  should  ring        of an infected person as they
       of viruses known to cause respira-   causes AIDS.                          instead of the number above.          cough, or simply speak.
       tory infections. This new coronavi-  WHAT ARE THE                          It is: 1800 171 866                   A single cough can produce up to
       rus causes the disease COVID-19.     SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19?                                                       3,000 droplets. These droplets can
       Viruses and the diseases they                                                                                    stay airborne for hours.
                                            Symptoms are similar to other                                                 A common way of transmission
                                            colds and flus, they include:                                                   is for people to breathe in air-
                                            sore throat, fever, cough,                                                         borne droplets.
                                            tiredness,         difficulty                                                        But eventually these drop-
                                          ssm37029  breathing.                                                                    lets land on clothing and
                                            WHO IS MOST AT                                                                          surfaces.
                                            RISK?                                                                                    HOW LONG
                                            People aged 70 years                                                                      DOES COVID-19
                                            and over, people                                                                          STAY ALIVE ON
                                            aged  65  years  and
                                            over with chronic                                                                          SURFACES?
                                            medical  conditions,                                                                       It is likely the virus
                                            and Aboriginal  and                                                                       lasts  from  a  few
                                            Torres Strait Islander                                                                    hours up to several
                                            people over 50 are at                                                                     days    outside   the
                                            greater risk of serious                                                                  human  body. This
                                            illness if infected with                                                                depends on the type
                                            COVID-19.                                                                              of surface, the tempera-
                                                                                                                                  ture and the humidity of
                                            WHAT TO DO IF                                                                       the environment.
                                            YOU THINK YOU                                                                      The harder the surface,
                                            HAVE COVID-19                                                                  the easier it is for the virus to
                                            If you  experience a fever, flu-like                                        survive.
                                            symptoms (such as coughing, sore                                             Fortunately,  hard  surfaces  are
                                            throat and fatigue) or shortness of   WHAT IS THE MOST                      also easy to  clean with common
                                            breath, contact the Coronavirus       LIKELY SOURCE OF                      household disinfectant.
                                            Health Information Line 24 hours a                                           The lower the temperature, the
                                            day, seven days a week: 1800 020      TRANSMISSION OF                       longer the virus can survive.
                                            080 or ring your GP.                  COVID-19?                              The drier the air, the longer the
                                            For older  Australians and carers  COVID-19 spreads in tiny droplets  virus can survive.

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