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        Tips to help you choose enduring

                                       powers of attorney

            here may come a time when                                                                                    You may have experienced some
            you are unable to make deci-                                                                                decline in memory or mental agil-
      Tsions for yourself. Best to                                                                                      ity as you have aged, or you may
       plan for it now, that way you’ll                                                                                 have been diagnosed with a con-
       ensure you’re looked after just the                                                                              dition, such as dementia. This does
       way you want to be.                                                                                              not mean you don’t have the abil-
       What is an enduring power                                                                                        ity to make a specific decision at a
       of attorney?                                                                                                     specific time.
                                                                                                                        Ways to plan ahead
       An enduring power of attorney
       (EPA) is where you give some-                                                                                    A good place to start to is to talk
       one you trust the legal authority                                                                                to those close to you about your
       to make decisions on your behalf.                                                                                wishes and  what is important to
       For example, where you might                                                                                     you.
       live, what happens to your house,                                                                                 Having these conversations early
       property or pets.                                                                                                means you can:
                                                                                                                        •   Consider things carefully while
       Are there any risks in                                                                                             you are well and not under
       making an EPA?                                                                                                     pressure.
       Most  work  well,  but  there  is  no                                                                            •   Seek advice if you need it.
       guarantee your EPA will only be                                                                                  •   Make  sure people  close to  you
       used in the way you want. It could                                                                                 know what you want to happen.
       be  misused  by  someone  you                                                                                     You may not have close family or
       thought you could trust. Most vic-                                                                               friends who you would be com-
       tims are older people.                                                                                           fortable discussing your wishes
        However,  there  are  important                                                                                 with.
       steps you can take to reduce the                                                                                  Even if you do, it can be helpful to
       risk of things going wrong.                                                                                      write down your wishes and pref-
       What does decision-making                                                                                        erences or keep a journal or blog. If
       capacity mean?                       means you are able to make a  •   Remember the information and  you document your wishes, make
       The ability to make a specific deci- decision if you can:                    weigh up the consequences.          sure they can be found and give a
       sion at the time when the decision  •   Understand the facts and choices  •   Communicate the decision in  copy to people who may need to
       needs to be made. Generally, this      involved.                             some way.                                        CONTINUED PAGE 16

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