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       Harry Evans & Sons


       Our story begins in London                                                                                       structure changes with each timber.
                                                                                                                        If you are unsure as to the look and
            orn in England in 1840,                                                                                     feel you are wanting, always happy to
            Harry Evans had a love for                                                                                  help.
      Bbilliards at a young age. As                                                                                     Leg styles and frame depth
       a child Harry would accompany                                                                                    These features categorize table styles.
       his father to his Billiard room and                                                                              For example, a narrow-turned leg is
       that is where he would learn that                                                                                more  Victorian.  Square  legs  can  be
                                                                                                                        either modern or art deco.
       he had a love for the game. Harry                                                                                Moulds and unique inserts
       would play and play and soon pro-                                                                                Custom moulds and unique inserts
       gressed  to a very  high level. The                                                                              in the frame, legs or cushions are all
       young player’s efforts did not go                                                                                choices available to customers. cus-
       unnoticed, as Harry played more                                                                                  tomizing these features can be a very
       he would enter into tournaments                                                                                  personal and rewarding experience.
       and competitions as Harry’s skills                                                                               Finish
                                                                                                                        The finish on the timber is the most
       grew so did his titles, winning his  from an 18-year career in electron-   in this business for 137 years and    popular modification. High gloss to
       first professional title in London  ics  with  the  MMBW.  Having  grown  counting. Businesses do not last that   mat surfaces are achievable. French
       in 1882. Harry went on to astound     up with the business. He has worked  long using below average products,    polishing is the most traditional fin-
       the English Billiards scene with his   with his father and uncle for years.  we pride ourselves on the quality of   ish. Recent years have seen custom
       skills.                               David has had a wealth of knowledge  our products and services.            colours resurface, like blacks table
                                             and experience to draw on and pass
        Not too long  after Harry found his   on to his son.                      Exceptional Fittings                  with a charcoal cloth.
       bride and moved to Australia.                                              Much like a home, fixtures and fittings   Premium Surfaces
       Australia                             4th Generation                       complete the overall look, pool tables   If you’re buying a new Billiards table,
                                             The fifth-generation has joined the  are very similar. There are many items
       Harry and his new bride migrated to   team. Luke has brought new skills  on a pool table that you can custom-    the cloth is very important to consider.
       Adelaide (Australia) in 1882, Harry   and design ideas. With 5 generations  ise and in the end bring it all together   Good cloth is like good tires on a car.
       continued  his  love  of  Billiard  tables   of manufacturing, we are proud of  to give you that fantastic result. Here   As you develop your game, you will
       and continued to establish his reputa-  our family heritage. We will continue  are a few thing that you can custom-  want the cloth to perform and wear
       tion as a fine local player. Harry still   to provide that same level of quality  ise on ýour table;             well. The cloth is also the first thing
       found himself entering in competi-    service to our customers.                                                  we ask you about when restoring a
       tions and taking it pretty seriously to                                    Pocket brackets                       table.
       the  point  where  he  was competing   What makes a Harry Evans &          All of our tables have solid brass    Types of cloth
       in competitions as far as Coolgardie,  Sons Table stand out from the       pocket brackets that you can custom-  English cloth has a nap.  Which
       Western Australia. Soon after arriving  rest?                              ise. Customising the pocket brack-    means it’s directional,  American and
       in Adelaide, the Evans family felt they  Harry Evans & Sons have special-  ets can give it a whole new look and   European cloth is different because
       would be best suited basing them-     ised in handcrafted billiards, snooker   feel. You can have chrome plated or   it’s napless.  We use 100% woollen
       selves in Melbourne, so off they went.  and Pool tables for the last 5 genera-  brushed nickel plated to create that   cloth from the top-quality brands.
       By this time, Harry had become a pro-  tions. Handcrafted and executed with   clean modern look. We have seen a lot   Our preferred cloth is the superior
       fessional Billiards player, competing  precision based in  Australia, it does   more gloss and brushed brass come   English ‘Strachan’ brand.  Another
                                                                                  back into fashion. If you are looking
       in tournaments and going on to win  not get more high quality than that.   for a unique colour to your pocket    more cost-effective brand is ‘Mitchell’,
       Three Colonial Championship Titles.   Harry Evans & sons can build what-   brackets you can always go with a     anything cheaper than these brands,
       Generations                           ever you are looking for. We special-  powder coating, this can be done in   we have found that the quality drops
                                                                                                                        significantly. Traditional green is the
                                             ise but are not limited to traditional
       Founder                               style tables, we love creating some-  any colour that you like.            best colour for the game and it’s easy
       Harry Evans (Senior) had four sons.  thing new and fresh with a custom     Pocket Nets and leathers              on the eye.

       Harry,  his  wife  and  four  children  design to suit any interior. All of our   Nets and leathers are next on the   Colours
       moved to Melbourne in the mid-        tables comply with competition stan-  selection to be customised. If you are   There are many other colour choices
       1890s. This is where Harry established  dards,the international Billiards and   looking for a high quality cotton net,   available. Both the Strachan and
       the family business, buying, sell-    Snooker Federation set the rules of   we provide these in Black and White.  Mitchell brands have colours to suit
       ing and restoring billiard tables. His  competition.                       As well as providing a high quality  your decor. While some of these dra-
       descendants continue to maintain the   Our difference is quality! If you have   cotton net, we do also provide genu-  matic colours look good to start, they
       family traditions today.              high standards and you’re searching   ine leather options, available in brown  don’t always wear the best over time.
       2nd Generation                        for a table to match, we can help. As   and black. We can use other colours  We recommend sticking to the green,
       Harry (Junior) was the eldest of four  an  established  Billiards  &  Pool  table   that are available if Black and Brown  burgundy or charcoal.
       sons to Harry (senior). Harry (Junior)  manufacturer of five generations. We   are not what you are looking for.  Superior Construction
       became involved in the business at a  provide the type of craftsmanship and  Toes or feet                        At Harry Evans & Sons, we build our

       young age. Together they set up and  service you’re looking for. Contact  Adjustable toes for leveling are next,  own handcrafted billiards and pool
       ran billiards rooms. Harry (Junior)  Harry Evans & Sons Billiards, or visit  our standard adjustable toe is low  tables at our workshop in Melbourne.
       was a cabinet maker by trade. Billiards   our showroom today.              impact and uses nylon base to reduce  We only use solid kiln-dried furniture
       table maintenance was the original  The Key Features of our Tables:        damage to floors.  There are many  grade timber. No MDF or particle-
       service offered by the business, based  All our table features adhere to the   other toes to choose from, plenty of  board. Laminated timbers provide
       at their workshop situated in Elizabeth  games world rules.                styles if you prefer something differ-  structural rigidity.
       Street,  Melbourne. Their  knowledge   Our Family ran company has lasted   ent, we can fit it.                   Construction
       and skill allowed them to compete  five successful generations because  Cushions                                 The leg frames are housed and bolted
       against larger companies.             our tables and business are run the  Inside the cushion is cushion rubber.  using mortise and tenon joints. This is
       3rd Generation                        way we run our family. Built on a  You can choose from high quality  the traditional construction used for
       The third generation joins the busi-  foundation of trust, made with love  extruded rubber or English Northern  centuries.  After levelling the frame,
       ness. Harry Evans & Sons now see      and finished with a caring and gentle  rubber.                             we fit Italian slate and marry them
       Norm (2nd  AIF) and Gordon (RAAF)     approach.                            Distinguished style                   together. After 137 years of being in
       two sons of Harry Junior,  As they     Harry  Evans  &  Sons  are  confident   Almost all features of a pool table   the industry, we found that this makes
       return from war, these brothers also   that even if your table is worn down   are customisable, we have designed   the strongest bond.
       become cabinet makers and french      and tired from years of love, we will   tables  to  suit  almost  every  interior  Slate
       polishers. They operate from Elizabeth   be able to restore it to its former glory   style. If you can not find a style that  Smaller tables use 3/4” slates and
       Street Melbourne with their father.   because it was made from solid tim-  fits what you are looking for, please  1½” for larger sizes. The slates are
       Later in 1957, the business relocated   ber and handcrafted to last.       let us know and we can help design  hand ground for superior accuracy.
       to the present Fitzroy premises.      Do we use MDF or craft wood?   exactly what you have in your mind.         Assembly
       4th Generation                        No!                                  Timber selection                      All table components are part num-
       David is the only son of Gordon. He  Your handcrafted billiards or pool  The type of timber plays a key role  bered and serial numbered.  This
       commenced with Harry Evans & Sons  table will  have the highest level of  in the look and feel of your Billiards  makes our tables individual, easy
       (Vic) Pty. Ltd. in 1985 following on  playability as possible. We have been  table. Natural colours and grain  assembly and transportation.
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