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                                                                                     Benefits of Choosing

                                                                                   Professional Appliance

                                                                                              Repair Services

                                                                                         ppliances normally break
                                                                                         down due  to a  number of
                                                                                  Afactors. Some could be
         Domestic Electric & Gas Appliances                                       beyond the human control and that
                                                                                  is why you need not stress your-
           Oven Repairs - Home Appliance Repair                                   self. Instead, seek for professional
                                                                                  help from a skilled technician.
                                                                                   Here are some benefits that come
                             You Can Count On                                     along when you decide to hire
        We provide reliable repair and                                            a professional appliance repairs
                                                                                  company to do the job for you:
        services for all brands of Domestic                                       1. Saves you money                    do and what needs to be replaced
                                                                                                                        when handling your appliances.
        Electric and Gas Cooking Appliances!                                      Each time your electrical appliances  Plus they will be in a better position
        We offer Oven Repairs and                                                 like dishwashers break down, you  to advise you on how to maintain
                                                                                  can easily be confronted with the  it once it has been restored back to
        Stove Repairs.                                                            fear of having to replace it with a  its original state. It is good to let the
        Our home appliance and repair                                             new one. Remain calm and seek the  professionals  do  their work  since
                                                                                  services of a professional appliance  they know how to handle every
        service covers -                                                          repair company, chances are there  situation.
                                                                                  could  be  a  small  and  cheap  part   3. Saves you time
        Chef Appliance Westinghouse                                               that needs to be replaced, and your   Do not stress yourself when your
        Applianceworks                                                            appliance will go back to normal      appliance breaks down or stops
                                                                                  functioning. This will save you lots   functioning normally.  You can
                      Vince – Service Manager                                     of money that you can use for other   go on with your daily activities
                We service the Melbourne Metro Area                               2. Reliable                           and hire a reputable professional
                                                                                                                        appliance repair company to attend
         Phone: 9855 8006 Mobile: 0417 349 513                                    A good professional appliance  to it since that is their work and
                                                                                  repair company has the technical  area of specialisation. You can then
                  Email:                                    skills and capabilities to do the  attend to other commitments with
                                             ssm37015  repair, and that is why people say  peace of mind knowing that you
                                                                                  they are reliable. They know what to  are dealing with experts.

                                                                                                                        Providing Quality

                                                                                                                    work and customer

                                                                                                                     service in all forms

                                                                                                                     of heating, cooling

                                                                                                                               and electrical


            Installation

            Reverse Cycle

            Repairs &

            Refrigeration

            Split System

            Evaporative

            Ducted

            Suppliers

            Air Conditioners

          Call Matt: 0419 535 462

          or Sam: 0433 446 966                                                                                                                             ssm37220
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