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       Cool new program to keep                                                                                           POWER SAVING

                                                                                                                              BONUS FOR
             your home comfortable                                                                                           ASSISTANCE

                                                                                                                                $250 one off payment
                      Source:  A
             o you have an old gas, elec-                                                                                       is available to  Victorian
             tric or wood heater at home?                                                                                       residential energy con-
      DThrough the Home Heating                                                                                          sumers who have a concession
       and Cooling Upgrades Program,                                                                                     benefit such as a Centrelink pen-
       you might be eligible for rebates                                                                                 sion concession card, to provide
       to upgrade  to an energy efficient                                                                                direct support for people suffer-
       reverse split cycle system.                                                                                       ing from bill stress due to the
        This program is for owner-occu-                                                                                  COVID-19 pandemic.
       pier household with an approved                                                                                    Eligible    households       can
       concession card, or with a com-                                                                                   apply on the  Victorian Energy
       bined  household  income  of  less                                                                                Compare  website  or  through  a
       than $90,000.                                                                                                     participating community organ-
        This program is supporting peo-                                                                                  isation from 1 February 2021
       ple to replace an existing gas,                                                                                   until the 31 January 2022.
       fixed electric or wood heating or                                                                                  Community based support may
       no heating with an energy-efficient                                                                               be available if you’re unable to
       reverse-cycle air conditioner from                                                                                apply for the $250 Power Saving
       the approved products list.                                                                                       Bonus online.
        The Home Heating and Cooling                                                                                      The Energy Assistance Program
       Upgrades Program will support                                                                                     helps eligible  Victorians save
       250,000  low-income  households                                                                                   money on their energy bills and
       in Victoria to upgrade their home                                                                                 get advice on energy issues,
       energy  systems  over  the  next                                                                                  including submitting a $250
       three years.                         who  upgrade  will  lower  their  •   $200 towards the cost of decom-        Power Saving Bonus applica-
                                                                                    missioning their outdated gas
        Older heating and cooling sys-      greenhouse gas emissions  and           heater (if an existing gas heater    tion. The program is delivered
       tems can be expensive to run, inef-  save up to $300 a year on their         is being replaced), and              by the Brotherhood of Saint
       ficient and unsafe. Reverse cycle    energy bills.                         •   $500 towards the cost of upgrad-   Laurence,  Australian  Energy
       split systems are energy efficient   Under the program, eligible             ing their switchboard (if an         Foundation and Uniting, inde-
       and provide households with ther-    households can receive:                 upgrade is required to install       pendent of energy companies.
       mal comfort throughout the year  •   $1000 towards the cost of an            the rebated reverse-cycle air        The free call number 1800 830
       by keeping homes warm in winter        energy-efficient reverse-cycle air    conditioner).                        029 is there for getting assis-
       and  cool  in  summer.  Households     conditioner,                                                               tance with this program.

                                         Enjoy Cooler Summers

                                      ... and Warmer Winters

              HEA     TING SOLUTIONS • COOLING SOLUTIONS • SER                                                      VICE & REP             AIRS

          Westies airconditioning & gas  Westies are based in the                 that if you are in an Eastern        your door!
          heating is owned and operated  Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne  region, we can offer you a fast                 All workmanship is guaranteed
          by Luke West who has 28             and have three service vans         response to your call.               by me, Luke West, for a
          years of experience in the gas  on the road. A majority of              If you need to be warm or            period of 7 years and backed
          heating and airconditioning         the time we work within the         cool, Westies have got you           by the plumbing industry
          industry.                           Eastern Suburbs which means  covered. One call and we’re at  board.
                                      0418 540 740

                   Servicing Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs for 28 years

                                                 Luke 0418 540 740                                                ssm37209
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