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         Common Covid-19 questions answered

       WHAT IS COVID-19?                    throat and fatigue) or shortness of   WHAT IS THE MOST                      also easy to clean with common
       Coronaviruses are a large family     breath, contact the Coronavirus       LIKELY SOURCE OF                      household disinfectant.
       of viruses known to cause respira-   Health Information Line 24 hours a    TRANSMISSION OF                        The lower the temperature, the
       tory infections. This new coronavi-  day, seven days a week: 1800 020      COVID-19?                             longer the virus can survive.
       rus causes the disease COVID-19.                                                                                  The drier the air, the longer the
       Viruses  and  the  diseases  they                                          COVID-19 spreads in tiny drop- virus can survive.
       cause    often   have    different                                          lets released from the nose and
       names. For example, HIV is                                                     mouth of an infected person
       the virus that causes AIDS.                                                       as they cough, or simply
       WHAT ARE THE                                                                        speak.
                                                                                            A single cough can pro-
       SYMPTOMS OF                                                                           duce up to 3,000 drop-
       COVID-19?                                                                               lets. These  droplets

       Symptoms are simi-                                                                      can stay airborne for
                                                                                                A  common  way  of  PUT US ON TOP
       lar to other colds and                                                                   hours.
       flus, they include:
       sore throat, fever,                                                                       transmission is for     OF YOUR ROOF
       cough,     tiredness,                                                                     people to breathe in
       difficulty breathing.                                                                     airborne droplets.       Reliable Roofing Services
       WHO IS MOST                                                                              these droplets land        in the Newcastle Region
       AT RISK?                                                                                 on    clothing    and        and Mid North Coast
       People aged 70 years                                                                    surfaces.                           Surrounds
       and over, people aged                                                                  HOW LONG
       65 years and over with                                                               DOES COVID-19
       chronic  medical  condi-                                                                                             Great Service Throughout
                                                                                                                                Multiple Locations
       tions, and  Aboriginal and                                                         STAY ALIVE ON
       Torres Strait Islander peo-                                                      SURFACES?                          Long-Lasting Workmanship
       ple over 50 are at greater risk                                              It is likely the virus lasts from              You Can Trust
       of serious  illness if infected  with                                      a few hours up to several days          We Complete the Job the Way
                                                                                                                                    It Should Be
       COVID-19.                                                                  outside the human body.  This           Our roofing experts have been working in
       WHAT TO DO IF YOU                    080 or ring your GP.                  depends on the type of surface,        tackle both large and small problems before
                                                                                                                           the industry for years. They know how to
       THINK YOU HAVE                       For  older  Australians  and  carers   the temperature and the humidity       they get any worse. Give On Top Roofing &
                                            there is a dedicated Coronavirus
                                                                                  of the environment.
       COVID-19                             hotline that you should ring           The harder the surface, the easier     Guttering a call today to get started with a   ssm35140
                                                                                                                              free quote on roofing services.
       If you  experience a fever, flu-like  instead of the number above.         it is for the virus to survive.        Call 0404 228 328
       symptoms (such as coughing, sore  It is: 1800 171 866                       Fortunately,  hard  surfaces  are

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