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       Early detection at Tweed Skin

       Cancer Clinic may save your life

            he Tweed Skin Cancer Clinic  way you can reduce the number  on top of your skin cancers, and  few visits and treatment they do.
            is the longest standing Clinic  of sun spots, and your skin qual- have better skin.  We don’t have  Their skin feels better, calmer, less
      Ton the Coast and has been  ity can improve. Combined with  the sit and wait approach, or tackle  dry and tight, they are without the
       treating patients for over 25 years.  daily use of sun screen to assist  one or two and leave the rest. It is  ongoing pains that can occur with
       We service the Tweed Shire area  with repairing your sun damaged  possible to return your skin to pre  some skin cancers, and they are
       and wider.  We also see patients                                                                                 happier. That is always our goal.
       from as far north as Bundaberg,                                                                                   Of course leaving skin cancer for
       west to  Armidale, and south to                                                                                  too long can mean the difference
       Coffs Harbour and Sydney and                                                                                     between a simple curative treat-
       even from overseas.                                                                                              ment, and long drawn out multi
        We perform thorough skin checks,                                                                                level treatments  because they
       and offer a comprehensive plan to                                                                                have spread into the lymph nodes
       treat your skin cancers and melano-                                                                              and blood stream. Often the fear
       mas. Our Doctors have done post                                                                                  of not knowing and putting it off, if
       graduate studies in skin cancer                                                                                  left too long you may end up going
       medicine, and bring over 25 years
       of experience. In particular they                                                                                through the worst. This is not nec-
       have had in house advanced sur-                                                                                  essary, and in well trained and
       gical training by a qualified Plastic                                                                            experienced hands we can guide
       and Reconstructive Surgeon for                                                                                   you clearly and carefully through
       over ten years. To ensure quality                                                                                your treatment, and make it a pos-
       control they also undertake regu-                                                                                itive experience.
       lar Pathology audits which consis-                                                                                You can easily spot changes
       tently show very high pick up rates                                                                              that should lead you to getting a
       for skin cancer and melanoma.                                                                                    skin check. These include changes
        A common theme we see in our                                                                                    in colour, growth of a mole, or a
       patients is that most skin can-                                                                                  sore or bleeding lump, an enlarg-
       cers and melanomas we find,  skin. It has long been known that  skin cancer  days. Bad  sun dam- ing pink patch, a spot feels raw or
       they were simply unaware of.  the best treatment for anti ageing,  aged skin does not have to stay  stings. Our Clinic is open 6 days
       This highlights the importance  wrinkles, and sun damage is daily  with you forever. Patients often  including Saturday, and all of our
       of having your skin checked reg- sunscreen use. We see the results  say to us that they never thought  services are bulk billed. Please
       ularly, and stay on top of it, not  every day.                             that they would ever get on top  call 07 5536 4961 to make an
       just when it gets out of hand. That    Our policy has always been to get  of their skin cancers, but within a  appointment.
          TWEED SKIN


          Excellence in Skin Cancer and

          Melanoma Diagnosis and Treatment

                                      ALL SERVICES bulk billed

                              Experience                                         Open Saturdays

                                   counts                                No referral necessary

                                  LONG ESTABLISHED CLINIC

                                    EARLY DETECTION MAY SAVE LIVES

                                       Tweed Day Surgery and Specialist Centre

                                Suite 6, 38-44 Boyd St Tweed Heads 07 5536 4961                                                                            ssmsyd18043
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