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          About the RVRA - Retirement Village
          About the R                                 VRA - Retir                             ement                                        e

          Residents                            Association of NSW
          Residents Association of NSW

             here are many positives  retirement villages. It is:                 •  Multiple, complicated, options in    of the Asset Management Plans
             about living in a retirement  •  A not-for-profit association and      retirement village contracts          legislation of 2018
      Tvillage or community.                  registered charity                  The impact of the RVRA  Become a member
        However, sometimes, not every-      •  Managed by a Board who are
       thing goes to plan, or some things     all volunteers and residents in  Following the Inquiry into the  Due to the significant transfor-
                                                                                  NSW Retirement Village Sector, all  mation within this sector, there
                                              retirement villages
       may seem outside of your con-
                                            •  Funded through membership  recommendations in the Greiner                is a pressing need for intensive,
       trol, such as government legisla-      fees, donations, and a small gov-   Inquiry Report of 2017 are now        informed and focussed response
       tion. This is where the Retirement     ernment grant                       law. Each was the subject of lobby-   on behalf of residents. Therefore, it
       Village Residents  Association of    The sector is evolving                ing and advocacy by the RVRA on       is vital that the RVRA maintains a
       NSW (RVRA) plays an important        The over 55’s residential envi-       behalf of, not just its members, but   strong membership base and sig-
       role by looking at the rights and    ronment is changing rapidly as a      all residents in the sector. Some     nificant presence, which is why we
       concerns  of the  aged and  ageing   result of many factors, such as:      examples of our impact include:       have launched a new membership
       population in this complex indus-    •  The outcome of the Royal             Better protection of residents’     All retirement village residents
       try sector.                            Commission  into  Aged Care            Exit Entitlements, and liabilities   are encouraged to join the RVRA
        In fact, the RVRA is the only         (2018)                                 under the Recurrent Charges        as a member (if a resident) or as
       organisation in NSW that is solely  •  In-home care becoming the              Cap                                an associate  member.  Help us  to
       concerned    with    residents   in    focus for the elderly                 Influence on the interpretation  support you!

                                                                                          Supporting, informing and

                                                                                          advocating for residents in

                                                                                          NSW retirement villages

          Join the RVRA!

          Receive advice and support on matters such as:

          • Management
          • Budgets
          • Resident Entitlements

          Obtain information on your rights and obligations

          Receive competitive rates for legal
          advice from professionals with
          retirement village expertise

          Happy village residents

          contribute to a happy

          and successful village

          Phone: 1300 787 213  |  Email:  |  Website:                                                                    ssmsyd18044
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