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       Retirees seek extension of

                 super drawdown relief

                 etirees welcome the                                                                                     “We commend the Government’s
                 recent passing of leg-                                                                                 action in addressing the historical
      “Rislation             in    Federal                                                                              exclusion of superannuation pay-
       Parliament that provides more                                                                                    ments  for  workers  earning  less
       flexibility  for  retirees  to  make                                                                             than $450 per month, and we have
       non-concessional contributions to                                                                                made further recommendations to
       superannuation,” said Mr. Wayne                                                                                  provide additional opportunities
       Strandquist, National President                                                                                  for workers approaching retire-
       of the Association of Independent                                                                                ment with low superannuation
       Retirees.                                                                                                        balances to increase their contribu-
        “This     legislation     package                                                                               tions. These are important equity
       included the abolition of the work                                                                               measures  that  will  help  women,
       test for non-concessional con-                                                                                   in particular, build their retire-
       tributions for up to age 75 and                                                                                  ment savings,” Mr. Strandquist
       reducing the eligibility age from                                                                                explained.
       age 65 to 60 for downsizer contri-                                                                                “The Association  acknowledges
       butions into superannuation,” said                                                                               that  the  Government  has  made
       Mr Strandquist,  “These improve-                                                                                 some improvements to the quality
       ments will enable retirees and                                                                                   and safety of  Aged Care follow-
       those approaching retirement who                                                                                 ing the Royal Commission report,
       were working before compulsory                                                                                   and has plans to make significant
       superannuation was introduced                                                                                    reforms. However, we recommend
       to build their balances to fund an                                                                               that  consideration  be  given  to
       adequate retirement income”, Mr.                                                                                 expediting these efforts and imple-
       Strandquist explained.               provide a retirement income  Retirees has made a number of rec- menting transitional measures as
        “The Association of Independent  strategy for their members”, Mr.  ommendations that address ade- soon as possible to improve the
       Retirees also welcomes the pass- Strandquist added.                        quacy, equity and financial literacy  capacity, quality and safety of
       ing of the Retirement Income           “In   this   year’s    Pre-Budget issues raised in the Retirement  residential  aged  care  and  home
       Covenant legislation to ensure  Submission to the Government,  Income Review report,” said Mr.  care services”, Mr Strandquist
       that large superannuation funds  the  Association of Independent  Strandquist.                                   concluded.
       Black Diamond Asbestos Removal

       Asbestos Removal Residential           Black Diamond Services are specialists  undergo a thorough wipe down, HEPA  in areas affected by mould, we con-
            epending on your location and   in the removal of all forms of Asbestos  vac and special spray sealant, the air  sider it as hazardous as Asbestos and
            what era your house was built  found in and around your family home.  of your home shall be monitored by a  our trustworthy team take all the same
      Dthere  may  be building  mate-       If you suspect you may have found this  third party and our job is done once the  safety precautions for your piece of
       rials used on your home containing  hazardous material please call us so  all clear is sounded.                  mind, affected areas will undergo air
       Asbestos. The most common prior to  we can attend your location and have   Mould and Lead Remediation            monitoring by a third party for the tick
       1990 is cement sheeting also known  samples taken. Before we commence  Mould can be toxic and you may well  of approval.
       as villaboard heavily used in vari-  with all removal works your house will  have noticed it growing in certain areas   Lead abatement is an activity to reduce
       ous forms as wall lining in wet areas,  require some serious safety measures.  of your home or workplace especially  the levels of lead in any environment and
       cladding and eaves lining for exterior  All areas to undergo removals will be  in damp or low ventilated areas. The  generally used to permanently eliminate
       usage,  Asbestos sheeting was also  encapsulated for dust suppression pur-  longer mould grows the more dam-     lead based paint hazards. Contact us
       corrugated for fencing and roofing  poses, vicinties close by will be dropped  age it can cause, spores are invisible  for an inspection of any suspected lead
       and even pressed into pipes for flue  sheeted and all doorways taped and  to the naked eye and float freely in the  painted areas, Black Diamond Services
       vents. Old vinyl tiles are another cul-  sealed off. Once the  Asbestos related  air causing various types of effects on  will handle a controlled remediation of
       prit containing Asbestos so be aware  materials have been safely removed  yourself, your family or maybe your  any affected surfaces, our  professional
       and remember if you find it don’t  and disposed of correctly by our reli-  staff. Contact Black Diamond  Services  team will take all safety precautions
       grind it.                            able and friendly team your home will  for the safe removal of any materials  before, during and after remediation.
        BLACK DIAMOND SERVICES                                                                                      0432 268 724

                                                                                                                     Call for a quote!

                                                                                                           From initial sampling to the clean and safe
                                                                                                           removal of all Asbestos related products,
                                                                                                           whether found in or around your home or at
                                                                                                           school or commercial work place no job is
                                                                                                           too big or too small for our team. Based in
                                                                                                           Newcastle and servicing the Hunter valley,
                                                                                                           Pt Stephen and Pt Macquarie amongst
                                                                                                           other regions, Black Diamond Services
                                                                                                           pride themselves on prompt response, you
                                                                                                           just make the call we’ll find the time.

                                 YES! We do small jobs & pick ups                                                                                          ssmsyd18000
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