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Senior Health:
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       Facts you should know                •   Some diseases and conditions
       about health in seniors                become more prominent in the
       •   As people get older, physiologi-  •   Psychosocial issues can also
        cal changes occur in their body       play a role in physical and men-
        as a natural part of aging.           tal health of older adults.
       •   Physical changes due to aging    •   A balanced diet and regular exer-
         can occur in almost every organ      cise are strongly linked to better
         and  can  affect  seniors’  health   health outcomes in seniors.
         and lifestyle.                     •   A series of routine screening
           Finley Lake                        tests and preventive mea-
                                              sures are recommended for
        Caravan Park                        •   Important  preventive  mea-
                                              the elderly.

                                              sures at home can improve
                                              the safety and health of
                                            •   Geriatrics is a medical subspe-
         Our park behind the Finely swimming pool   cialty dedicated to the care of
          has direct access to the lake for Fishing,   the elderly. Physicians who have
                   Kayaks, Sailing.           specialized  training  in  this  field
        Only 500 meters to the bowling club & within   are known as geriatricians.
          easy walking distance to the town centre.
             • Powered Sites • Ensuite Cabins   ssmsyd15031  What changes occur in the
         • Drive through sites • Large Camp Kitchen  body as we age?
                                            A wide range of changes can
                                            happen in the body to different       be stopped, being aware of these  •   Skin: With aging, skin becomes
                                            degrees as we age. These changes  changes and adopting a healthy              less flexible, thinner, and more
                                            are not necessarily indicative of an  lifestyle can reduce their impact       fragile.  Easy  bruising  is  notice-
           1-19 Murray Street, Finley NSW   underlying disease but they can be  on overall health.                        able, and wrinkles, age spots,
            (03) 5883 1170                  distressing to the individual. Even    Expected bodily changes of aging       and skin tags may become more
                                            though  the  aging  process  cannot  include change in:
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