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              Women’s Health Issues After 55

                   omen spend a lifetime take  care  of  themselves.  A             So if you are looking for better      in vitamins and minerals. Take a
                   looking  after  others lifetime  of  looking  after  their       ways  to  nourish  yourself  and      multi-vitamin.
        Wand often ignore their families,  often  means  that                       prevent      those     age-related
        own well being. Below we look they’ve  neglected  themselves,               diseases, here’s how you can do       Ovarian Cancer
        at women’s health issues after which leads to health issues as              so.                                   There is no early detection test
        55 and how to prevent them.           they  grow  older,”  says,  Dr.                                             for  ovarian  cancer,  so  all
        The  senior  years  are  getting Sangeeta Gupta, a Chandigarh-              Flu/Pneumonia                         women need to be aware of the
        better  and  better,  thanks  to based  physician,  who  works              The  flu  is  a  highly-infectious    symptoms. The most commonly
        advances  in  nutrition  and extensively with women of all                  health  issue,  brought  on  by       reported symptoms for ovarian
        medicine. Add to this a growing ages.                                       sudden  symptoms  like  sore          cancer are:
        awareness to stay healthy and “Some of the common health                    throat, body ache, fever, cough,          Increased abdominal size or
        intentional  lifestyles,  and  you issues  that  women  above  the          stuffy nose and fatigue. While        persistent abdominal bloating
        have  higher  life  expectancies age  of  55  years  suffer  from           anyone  can  get  the  flu,  the          Abdominal or pelvic (lower
        and  more  full  lives.  But  this include  the  flu,  osteoporosis,        elderly are more susceptible to       tummy) pain
        doesn’t  mean  that  the  usual heart  disease  and  diabetes.”             it because the immune system               Feeling  full  after  eating  a
        senior     health     issues    are “Ability of the body to bounce          does become weaker with the           small amount
        disappearing  into  thin  air.  In back to normal after an illness          passing  years.  It  also  means          Needing to urinate often or
        fact, it’s just as important today, or  a  stressor  is  homeostasis,       that  the  flu  can  lead  to         urgently
        for seniors of all ages to stay on and  this  ability  decreases  as        pneumonia,  if  not  treated  on
        top of their heath.                   one  ages  due  to  decreased         time. Free influenza vaccine is       Additional Symptoms
        We  speak  to  experts  on reserve                and     hence     older   available  under  the  National          Changes in bowel habits
        women’s health issues after 55 women  are  more  prone  to                  Immunisation Program (NIP) for            Unexplained weight gain or
        and how to prevent them.              diseases and complications of         people over 65.                       loss
        “It’s  important  for  women  to      these diseases.”                                                               Excessive fatigue
                                                                                    Prevention:                              Lower back pain
          A Aww ardr dd       iWW nning He     eaalthie  r                          If you feel that you’ve got the          Indigestion or nausea
               Homesty          Meeals                                              flu, visit a doctor right away.          Bleeding after menopause or
                         y t t s estyle
                                                                                  ssmsyd11173  and  if  possible,  avoid  people  Pain during sex or bleeding
          TLC offe              c        c                                           Wash  your  hands  frequently         in-between periods
              ffe    rs 76 nutritionally balan ed  d meal choi es
                                                                                    who have the flu.                     after
                                                                                    Get the flu and pneumococcal
                                                                                    vaccines annually.                    Prevention

                                                                                    Fortify  your  immune  system         It is important to remember all
             ALL 1800 801 200
            C CALL 1800 801 200     E ESTT. ST T.  1995 1995                        with fruits and vegetables rich       the  symptoms  mentioned  can
         or o r der online  w w w .tl  g r .o c  .au

                                                  ABN 15388731923

                    STEAM CLEANING

                 $79/3 Rooms                              *$10                                                                                               ssmsyd11099

               $119/5 Rooms                                  OFF

           Sofa Chair from $29                         SPECIALS

          H  Assistance offered for Furniture  H  Special Stain Treatment on Heavy
            Removal                          Traffic/Tough Stains
          H  Pre-Vacuuming                 H  Special Agitation to Break Down Dirt
          H  Deodorizing                   H  Repetitive Steaming at a high pressure/
          H  Disinfecting                    temperature
                                                   ALSO OFFERS ALL
                                                   KINDS OF COMMERCIAL/
                                                   DOMESTIC CLEANING

                                                   H  Wet Carpet Drying
                                                   H  Flea & Pest
                                                   H  Spring
                                                   H  End of lease
          *Rates above are for standard procedure. GST Additional. Valid on working hrs during weekdays/ground floor/select location. Changes can apply/discontinue at
                   any time without notice. 24 hrs cancellation required or min. callout charges of $79+gst apply. Parking to be provided.
          0412 678 907                  ssmsyd11075
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