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         Legacy - In Loving Memory

               bequest is a lasting legacy   school fees or social activities like
               in the form of a donation to  gymnastics  classes  for  a  Junior
        Aa chosen charity. Including         Legatee, or provide meals for kids
        a bequest in your will to Legacy     at Legacy Youth Camps held annu-
        helps continue our work in help-     ally around the country.
        ing veterans’, partners and their    After  carefully  considering  your
        children carry on after a death or   family and friends, a bequest to a
        injury of a loved one, or provide    charity like Legacy is simple and
        support and access to services for   easy. In your will, you can write
        those veterans’ families who need    down your wishes and how much
        it.                                  you would like to bequest. Legacy
        You can choose to leave a bequest    recommends a statement like this:
        to  Legacy  Australia,  which  will  'I give the whole/residue* of my
        benefit  all  clubs,  or  the  local  estate to <Legacy Australia or in-
        Legacy Club in your area that is     sert Legacy Club name and ACN
        close to your heart. The gift that   or ABN> for its general purposes
        you leave could provide child care   (or specific purposes) of such fund
        assistance to a widow so she can     and the receipt of any one of the
        continue to go to work, help with    Directors  for  the  time  being  of
                                                                                  such fund shall be sufficient dis-    may not be able to see the bene-
                                                                                  charge to my trustees.'               fits  of  your  bequest,  the  52,000
                                                                                  *delete whichever is inapplicable     dependents  and  their  families
                                                                                  Remember that it is always best to    who benefit from Legacy will be
                                                                                  discuss bequests with your family     incredibly grateful for your contri-
                                                                                  and tell them that you’ve included    bution  and  your  selfishness  to
                                                                                  a bequest in your will, and why       help.
                                                                                  you’ve  chosen  Legacy.  It  is  also  To include a charity like Legacy in
                                                                                  recommended that you seek ad-         your will or find out more infor-
                                                                                  vice from a solicitor to ensure the   mation,                       visit
                                                                                  wording of your Will reflects your
                                                                                  exact wishes.
                                                                                  Legacy Australia relies on contri-    If you have any questions, please
                                                                                  butions  like  bequests  from  the    contact us on (02) 8333 0600 or via
                                                                                  community  and  although  you         email at

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