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                                            provides members across the State
                                            with access to an average of $650                                                       Published by
                                            in total value each year and more                                            Australia Retirement
                                            if they also hold a Commonwealth                                                      Press LTD
                                            Seniors Health Card or Pensioner
                                            Concession Card.                                                                      ABN 27 091 606 469
                                              The  WA Seniors Card program                                                  HEAD OFFICE
                                            provides members with access to
                                            more than 900 business discounts,                                             Suite 8-10, 40-42 Playne Street,
                                            offering great savings every day                                                    Frankston VIC 3199
                                            and assisting seniors with the cost                                                  Tel: (03) 9786 6861
                                            of living.                                                                      Email:
                                              Applying for the WA Seniors Card
                                            is  free  of  charge  and  it  is readily                                    Advertising: Ed Weaver 9786 6861
          Ed Weaver, Managing Editor        available  to  Australian  citizens  or                                          Perth, Sydney, Melbourne,
                elcome to our Spring  permanent residents aged over 63,                                                     Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide,
                edition of Senior Scene  who reside in WA and work fewer                                                             Tasmania
       Wwith            our    In   Home than 25 hours a week.                                                              Managing Editor: Ed Weaver
       Services for the Aged phone guide,     Further details are available via                                             Email:
       keeping you connected with local  the program’s website at www.                                                ssmwa15017
       businesses ready to look after our                                                           Graphic Design: Bruce Hawker
       senior community.                      With the  WA border lockdown
        The uncertainty of coronavirus      the WA  Government  and Virgin
       (COVID-19) and the precautions put   Australia have partnered to deliver
       in place to keep our community       cheaper fares and more flights to
       safe can be challenging for Seniors.  Broome and Kununurra as part of
        Older people can be at a greater    WA’s recovery from the COVID-19
       risk of adverse health outcomes as a   pandemic.
       result of COVID-19, largely because    Discounted tickets are now on
       of underlying health conditions.     sale  for  Western  Australians  to
        Many local governments have         fly  to Broome for $199  one-way
       put in place services and programs   and Kununurra for $229 one-way
       specifically  to   support    older  between 3 August and 31 October
       residents during this time. Contact   2020.
       your local government directly for     The deal also applies for flights
       more information.                    from Broome and Kununurra to
        More than 300,000  Western          Perth.
       Australian seniors received extra      The Perth-Broome route has                                                                                   ssmwa15008
       cash in their bank account in July,   returned to a daily service, and
       thanks to the State Government’s     Perth-Kununurra flights will run
       Cost of Living rebate.               three times per week.
        WA Seniors Card members will
       share in close to $25 million worth                                                                           ssmwa15007
       of payments, with singles receiving
       $91.51 and couples getting $137.22.
        The Cost of Living rebate was
       first launched in 2009 and has
       since  provided  just short of $300
       million in assistance to WA seniors,
       with payments helping to ease the
       financial strain of daily living.                                        ssmwa15006
        The  WA Seniors Card program



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