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        COTA     Queensland’s    proposal    Tech Savvy Seniors
       as part of their priorities for the
       October election is for a digital
       inclusion strategy that addresses
       access, affordability, and capability.
        COTA is also asking that the
       Government ensures equity of          Queensland Program
       access to Government and other
       services for those who are not
        “We  need  a  comprehensive               he   Tech    Savvy    Seniors
       statewide approach that supports           Queensland Program is an
       people of all ages and in all areas   Tongoing partnership between
       of Queensland to get online and      the Queensland Government (led
       to participate fully in the life of our   by State Library of Queensland)
       state. We cannot continue to leave   and Telstra. This  partnership  is
       some Queenslanders behind.”          providing older people across
                                            Queensland with the opportunity
                                            to develop the skills and confidence
                                            to use technology for socialising,
                                            accessing important services or
                                            conducting personal business.
                                              The Program aims to help seniors
                                            to get connected and participate in
                                            the online world, with the objective
                                            of increasing digital inclusion,
                                            helping reduce social isolation,
                                            increasing access to government
                                          ssmqld9067  information and services via the
                                            internet, and improving awareness
                                            and resilience to online fraud and
                                            financial abuse.
                                              32 Queensland Local Government
                                            library services and Indigenous

                                            Knowledge         Centres      were the  start of the  program across  of participating library services and
                                            successful    in   receiving   grant the state, but as restrictions ease  Indigenous Knowledge Centres.
                                            funding to deliver the 2020  it  will  be  up  to  each  participating       Contact us at Cultural Centre,
                                            Tech Savvy Seniors Queensland  Local Government to determine  Stanley                  Place,    South    Bank,
                                            program in their council region.      when it is safe to commence their     South Brisbane, Queensland on
                                              COVID-19 restrictions delayed  program. You can download the list  (07) 3840 7666.

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