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Make your life easier                                                                                                                     PAGE 15

                  with A Good Sort

       DECEASED ESTATE                                                            solution to help the community        SENIOR RELOCATION

       CLEARANCE                                                                  without hurting the environment.      & DOWNSIZING
       Have you been given the respon-                                            HI, I’M WOODY                         Our aim is to guide a client through
       sibility to clear out a full home of                                       A Good Sort’s founder and driving     every task needed to downsize their
       accumulated belongings and mem-                                            force, since 2011.
       ories? Do you have the emotional                                           After   years    working    in   the  home and belongings to ensure a
       energy to tackle such a daunting                                                                                 stress-free transition; from helping
       task? Consider relieving some of                                           Hospitality industry, I decided to    pack the contents of the  present
       the pressure by engaging the ser-                                          devote my time to doing what I        home, to helping settle into their
       vices of A Good Sort.                                                      love most- organising and declut-     next.
                                                                                  tering! I truly enjoy helping people
       Our professional team is fully expe-                                       organise their space and making a     Services include:
       rienced and specialises in deceased                                        huge difference in their lives.
       estate clearance services.                                                                                       •  Methodically eliminating the clut-
                                                                                                                          ter in all rooms of the home, and
       We provide you with stress-free                                            I want to help you feel a new sense
                                                                                  of clarity with your belongings
       and effective management of your       sale or disposal                                                            preparing it for sale.
       belongings                           •  Dispose of the unwanted items      along with maintaining a func-        •   Assessing the future furnishing
                                                                                  tional, well-balanced home and
       We will:                             •  Pack  and arrange for storage or   lifestyle.                              requirements and offering tips for
       •  Declutter and organise the pos-     shipping                            I have a genuine desire to be bet-      purchases.
        sessions room-by room and           •  Prepare home for sale or lease. If   ter, an instinct for good design, a   •   Decisions on what to keep and
        distribute the items as per the       the client demands cleaning ser-    strong ambition to make a differ-       how to distribute the residue.
        executor’s instructions.              vices as well it is made available   ence. With this in mind, my goal  •   Arranging delivery of large items
                                              at extra cost
       •  Sort through all your belongings   We will always try to utilise greener  is to create organising solutions
        with utmost respect and care.       disposal methods in order to  that  are intuitive  and simple to              to donate, sell or store.
       •  Identify items  that  may be  of   reduce land fill waste. A Good Sort  maintain. I believe that everyone     •   Packing, unpacking and setting
        monetary or sentimental value.      aims to donate everything we can.  wants a beautiful home that makes          up in the new home.
       •  Arrange for donation of goods to  We work closely with a variety of  living life to the fullest easy and  •   All assistance is given to make the
        charities of your choice, goods for  charities and try to find the perfect  enjoyable.                            journey as enjoyable as possible.
           *Deceased Estate Clearance specialist

                     *Senior Relocation Management

          *Hoarding *Decluttering & Organising

          Professional personalised service. A Good Sort works with you providing motivation, emotional support and assistance. We take pride in
                                            ensuring each job is managed professionally and with full transparency.

                                                          Get in touch with us today.

                                                       A Good Sort.

           Ph: 0412 162 624   |   Email:   |   106 Howe Street, Lambton, NSW 2299                                                    ssmsyd15155
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