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                                            to look after our senior community.  difficult year.                        our newspapers feel free to con-

                                              In this issue we have articles of    If  you  would  like  to  contribute  tact me on phone 0410 386 085 or
                                            interest including Seniors to ben- to our next services guide or to  email:
                                            efit from regional Seniors Travel
                                            Card and Senior Health: Successful
                                            Ageing, focussing on how to age                No Lawn
                                              Find out about the more than $14
                                            million  to  support  NSW  veterans
                                            and Seniors and also the $21.6
                                            million to build specialist cardiac           T oo Big or T oo Small
                                            capacity for patients across NSW.
                                              We have some great tips for pur-
                                            chasing a solar system if you are
                                            looking to cut back on your elec-
                                            tricity bill.
                                              We would like to take this oppor-
          Ed Weaver, Managing Editor        tunity to thank our readers and
                elcome to our latest edi-   advertisers for your support in this
                tion of Senior Scene with
       Wour In Home Services for
       the Aged Guide, keeping you con-
       nected with local businesses ready
                                              0419 466 783
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                                                   Assist in all aspects of

                                                   moving into retirement

                                                            living including:

                                                  Finding the right village,
                                                                                       m: 0410 407 094
                                                      decluttering and the             m: 0410 407 094

                                                  packing and unpacking.               We are a team of professional painters, based in the Eastern Suburbs. We’ve been in the
                                                                                    painting business for over 20 years, and have established a reputation for quality workmanship,
                                                        Assist with sale of                        reliability, professional expertise, and customer service.
                                                                                      Our company is a preferred supplier to Strata Management Companies, Builders and Real
                                                             current home.          also undertake painting contracts in Sydney City, the Inner West, and Lower North Shore areas.
                                                                                     Estate Agents, throughout the Sydney region. We operate mainly in the Eastern Suburbs, but
                                                                                       Residential – Units And Houses, Exterior and      Experts in Epoxy Coatings, Lead Paint Removal,
                                                                                     Interior House Painting and Roof Painting  Chemical Stripping, Texture Coatings and Colour
                                                                                       Commercial – Government, Council, Schools and   Matching
                                                                                     Hospitality Buildings                 Home Owners Warranty Insurance, Public Liability
                                                                                       Strata – Unit Blocks, Painting and Restoration Work  Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance
                                                                                    Adding a                   Sydney City,
                                                                                    touch                   Eastern Suburbs,
                                                                                    of colour
                                                                                    to your life           Lower North Shore
                                                                                                           and the Inner West
            Call Margaret for a no obligation consultation
                ✆ 0448 201 884

                                                                                                         Paul Davidson Director
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