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                                                                                        Benefits of

                                                       in your time of need pre-planning

                                                     Available to support you

                                                            PRE PAID                your funeral


        Specialist                                        Servicing all

        Funeral                                                  Suburbs

        Home Services

                                                                                       re-planning your funeral is as
                                                                                                                          the mind-boggling array of infor-
                                                                                       common sense in financial          friends, who often struggle with
         Arrange a funeral                      Religious services             Pplanning as superannuation              mation required after a loved
                                                                                  and bequests. If you do it now, you     one dies.
         Pre-planning a funeral  Repatriations                                  will feel better  knowing all  your  •   It means tough decisions are
                                                                                                                          made calmly and rationally,
                                                                                  affairs are in order. You guarantee
         (02) 9672 6188                                                           that it will be exactly as you want   •   Pre arranged funerals give you
                                                                                                                          rather than when emotions are
                                                                                                                          running high.
                                                                                  it - the service, the cemetery and
                                                                                  the cost.
                                                                                   When it comes to funeral
                                                                                                                          some of the burden from your
                                       arrangements,       consider     the    peace of mind today and lift
                                                                                                                          family and friends at some point
                                                                                  benefits of putting your final
                                      ssmsyd15156  wishes down on paper:        in the future.
                                                                                  •  It will be invaluable to family and

                    PERSONALISED                                                                    WARM & DIGNIFIED

                    FUNERAL                                                                         FUNERAL

                    SERVICES                                                                        SERVICES

                                                                                    • Simple, Practical & Affordable Funeral Planning Services
          • PERSONALISED BURIAL AND CREMATION SERVICES                              • Funeral Pre-Planning in Blacktown

          • FUNERAL PLAN MANAGEMENT                                                 • Proficient in every form of Religious Services

                   HERE TO HELP YOU THROUGH

         PHONE 02 9688 7977                                                                  PHONE 02 8824 7549

             ACADEMYFUNERALSERVICES.COM.AU                                     ssmsyd15158   BLACKTOWNFUNERALSERVICES.COM.AU                               ssmsyd15157
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